Adminicare – FAQ – Questions about AdminiCare

Can resident’s data be automatically synced so we don’t have to constantly update it ourselves?2018-08-19T08:57:55-04:00

Yes. AdminiCare has an EHR Connection module which is used to automatically import resident’s data into the system.

Adminicare will “Bed hold” or “Archive” residents automatically based on resident status in your EHR.

How can I upload my new inventory?2018-08-19T08:57:38-04:00

Inventories may be uploaded via Inventory module, Adminicare support will be happy to provide all necessary training and support for you.

Where can I download software for my scanner?2018-08-19T08:57:21-04:00

Adminicare has developed an Apple based App which maybe downloaded via Apple store.

Before using the app user will have to register device with unique authentication number and only then scanner maybe used. All data is encrypted.

If scanner is lost, simply disable access to it on Adminicare webserver and data will stop flowing to lost device.

Can I export data into my EHR system?2018-08-19T08:57:04-04:00

Yes. Adminicare already supports export into most of popular EHR systems such as Point Click Care, CareVoyant, Accudata and many others.

We are able to export data in standardized and custom formats.

Can Adminicare be used in multiple sites environments?2018-08-19T08:56:09-04:00

Yes. Adminicare is scalable, module based solution for small, large or multi-site healthcare organizations. Reports are adapted to corporate billing and purchasing as well as site-to-site inventory transferring.

Can Adminicare be connected to multiple distributors?2018-08-19T08:55:26-04:00

Yes. Multiple inventories may be easily uploaded via Excel document template and purchase orders will be automatically separated per each distributor.

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