Our system integrates with PointClickCare – the world’s most used long-term care EHR platform

Automatically import resident data.

Adminicare has a plugin to import your admitted/discharged or bed-hold residents automatically. Our system integrates with the world’s most used long-term care EHR platforms.

The PointClickCare platform synchronizes with Admincare when residents are admitted, bed-hold, discharged, or transferred.

inBeam technologies developed a bridge connection to automate long-term care residents data synchronization and connect directly from EHR systems such as PointClickCare, MatrixCare and many others.

What is EHR Connection:

EHR Connection is a regularly scheduled data import of key EHR data from the provider’s EHR database.
The extracted data is merged with AdminiCare data for a broader perspective on operations.

EHR Connection provides:

By eliminating manual entry of resident and patient information, providers can save time documenting the activities, charges and performance of their clients, improve accuracy, and expedite the flow of critical clinical information while allowing for better life enrichment.

Increase staff efficiency by avoiding duplicate data entry.

Improve accuracy and avoid data entry errors.

Through this standard integration, long-term providers now have a complete platform that provides both efficient management across the entire resident care lifecycle and the tools and data necessary to manage the growth and profitability of their business.

This integration with standard EHR systems further enhances our Adminicare solution that is specifically designed for long-term care providers.

How does EHR Connection work:

With EHR Connection, providers automatically receives a regular feed of key EHR data from their EHR database. Delivered on an time schedule and as sets of data views, providers can import the data into their own AdminiCare database, reporting tools and other toolsets in the system.

How do providers benefit?

  • Contacts
  • Payer
  • Census
  • Stay & Episode of Care
  • Billing & Accounts Receivable
  • Security/Users

To learn more about EHR Connection such as PointClickCare Integration, contact your AdminiCare Account Representative today, call 614.467.0709 or complete the form https://inbeamtech.com/adminicare/free-trial