Inventory Management Solutions

There’s more to inventory management than keeping track of your products. When to order stock, how much to order, and how much to sell it for can feel like trial and error. inBeam Tech software can remove the guesswork and give you greater control of your business.

Powerful inventory management software to maximize your profits. Make your products work for you. Improve efficiency, gain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest jobs.

Our Inventory management solutions scale with your business.

The cloud lets you sync with other software systems.

Up-to-date data helps you make important decisions.

Manage your inventory on the go.

We look forward to seeing you as a part of our growing family of satisfied clients.

Adminicare was developed by inBeam Technoilogies and is solely dedicated to the healthcare community. It’s main purpose is to help Long-term Healthcare facilities and their Supply vendors increasing efficiency in cost management and purchasing to enhance service delivery. We are passionate about healthcare and helping those who provide it.

Available 24-hours a day, Adminicare is a robust scanning system with an extensive range of tools focused on refining efficiency, improving safety, and growing profitability for your healthcare organization.

Our system is fully customizable to meet individual business needs. Easy-to-use web technology makes the system easy to learn and navigate. Strategic business resources include improving patient safety, streamlining cost and variability of care, improving health care efficiency, and managing venue streams.

Adminicare software is conveniently compatible with most Apple devices. Our management technology provides key functionality in remote areas across your health system.

Through its one-of-a-kind integrated system, inBeamTechnologies has created a comprehensive and scalable administrative “tool” that delivers: substantial cost savings and significant increases in efficiency.


  • Use of the Apple App based Scanner
  • Configurable asset categories
  • Asset photos
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling asset depreciation (straightline method)
  • Configurable asset status
  • Multi-level grouping
  • Schedule preventive maintenance quick review of work order history

Designed specifically for caterers, we offer web-based, real-time access to your data to organize menus, schedule deliveries, create change requests and much more to help improving communication, collaboration and productivity across the organization.

Founded in 2002, Skore Systems is a professional IT support company based in Columbus OH. We offer a wide range of technology-related services to clients from all business sectors. We support small to medium size businesses, comprising of 3 users on a single-site, to global 500 user multi-site networks.

Our focus is to understand our clients immediate and future business requirements and provide high-quality, value-for-money services. We believe in strong client relationships and providing first class assistance. We try to encourage our clients to understand their IT systems, empowering them to get the best quality services available to them.

P21DC enables distributors using Prophet 21 to extend P21 features and capabilities to distribution center and even further to delivery chain and even customers.

Designed specifically for the Prophet 21 system, we offer web-based, real-time access to your P21 data for Distribution center managers, warehouse staff and customers to help improving communication, collaboration and productivity across the organization.

Whether your business goals improving information visibility and tracking, reducing back-office costs or increasing customer retention, P21DC offers a variety of features designed to support those goals and drive business value.

Today’s business environment requires real-time, mobile connectivity like never before.

On Demand Inventory Management.