AdminiCare Newsletter December 2018

Subscribe to Newsletter   Seamless Interactions with Vendors and Tracking of Charges   One of the most important improvements to the AdminiCare System is the ability of clients to use the AdminiCare System for more complete integration with vendors.  This includes checking inventory and prices and even being able to handle orders and invoices with any contracted vendor seamlessly.   This capability extends to vendors like McKesson and Medline as well as many others.   Why Is This Important? Instead of having to use multiple databases or systems, the exchanges for virtually all activities can [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter October 2018

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) for Billing ? Close! One System That “Talks” to All the Others   The AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System isn’t “true AI, but it does offer complete compatibility and integration with all your other systems – from procurement to billing. Each improvement to AdminiCare makes it easier for residential care organizations to manage the total “throughput” for residents, insurance companies, suppliers and others.   Because everything is tied back to the individual resident, there is an “automatic” control in place to ensure accuracy as each item is dispensed.  What used to be a complicated and time-consuming [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter September 2018

Despite our best efforts, drugs, medical supplies and equipment have a significant impact on the quality of resident’s care and account for a high proportion of health care costs. Residential care facilities have made great strides in the areas of equipment and medications through a concerted and dedicated effort. However, there is still a strong need to make informed choices about what, when and how to buy the more mundane but still critical medical supplies needed to meet priority health needs - and avoid wasting limited resources. Many organizations have worked hard to develop rigorous protocols for the purchase and dispensing [...]

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General Release of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System

InBeam Technologies Announces the General Release of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System Columbus Ohio. September 10, 2018 InBeam Technology, a privately-owned leader in sophisticated Inventory Systems is proud to announce the general availability of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System.   The AdminiCare System is the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities, because it can easily be integrated with billing, ordering, central supply and other platforms as part synchronizing with EHR systems. Based on a lightweight scanner, the AdminiCare System tracks dispensed items back to each individual resident’s I.D. a barcode. [...]

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Adminicare. Effective Stock Control in Central Supply

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 05/21/2018 inBeam Technologies LLC 614-467-0709 Adminicare. Effective Stock Control in Central Supply New release - Synchronization with EHR/EMR Dublin, OH: Today, inBeam technologies., a company specializing in web-based inventory management solutions, announced that they released newest version of Adminicare – their Long-term health care industry inventory management system. Now Nursing Homes are able to connect to any vendor for price updates as well as integrate with EHR systems such as pointclickcare to synchronize resident’s census data. Adminicare combines the efficiencies of a handheld scanner with the benefits of a cloud-based software system, including automatic updates and backups, 24/7 access, [...]

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