InBeam Technologies Announces the General Release of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System

Columbus Ohio. September 10, 2018

InBeam Technology, a privately-owned leader in sophisticated Inventory Systems is proud to announce the general availability of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System.  

The AdminiCare System is the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities, because it can easily be integrated with billing, ordering, central supply and other platforms as part synchronizing with EHR systems.

Based on a lightweight scanner, the AdminiCare System tracks dispensed items back to each individual resident’s I.D. a barcode.

That flexibility includes having the ability to incorporate invoices/receipts from any vendor into the system which also interacts with virtually and other bookkeeping, ordering or billing program.

Previously, the AdminiCare System was available only in Beta and then to a select number of innovative firms who were excited about helping in its final development.   

The general release of the AdminiCare System means that nursing homes, long-term facilities, senior residential communities and even hospices can now have a stable and proven product that will streamline the process from resident to nursing.

More information is available at our website – or by calling or emailing our company.  

About InBeam Technologies   

We solve the biggest problems in Inventory Management and IT for a wide range of vertical industries.  

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