Manage inventory, purchasing & billing across multiple facilities

AdminiCare combines the efficiencies of a handheld scanner with the benefits of a cloud-based software system, including automatic updates and backups, 24/7 access, and financial grade encryption & security. With AdminiCare, you can purchase and track supplies, automate recurring transactions, optimize par level, identify and reduce inventory costs through bulk purchases and supplier cost comparison, and generate real-time reports that track the entire process of adding a new resident to the billing of supplies and services. AdminiCare is a complete solution that creates efficiencies and benefits a full range of stakeholders, including the caregiver, resident, central supply, suppliers, billing and administration.


Track Purchases Against Budget

Manage Multiple Facilities, Inventories & Price Updates

AdminiCare empowers Administrators to manage inventory, purchasing and billing across multiple facilities, track purchases against budget, identify and reduce inventory costs and automate reports—24 in all, including charge capture and billing.

Manage Multiple Facilities, Inventories & Price Updates

  • Over 24 Automated Reports
  • Manage multiple facilities, inventories and price updates
  • Improve billing accuracy with automated charge capture
  • Track purchases against budget

What Administrators Are Saying About AdminiCare

  • “I can get reports when I need them.”
  • “It was important to know that all data is encrypted.”


Improve Patient Care & Safety

Track Real-time Consumption

AdminiCare allows the caregiver to spend less time on inventory management, and more time on patient care—improving patient safety. Also, because AdminiCare can be linked to your Accounts Receivable software, a caregiver can automatically be notified when a new patient already exists in the system, removing the need of duplicate entry for new patients. Because patients are already in the system, AdminiCare’s Resident Adaptive Specific Purchasing (or RASP) program can be utilized to customize for purchasing programs based on the individual—allowing for specific sizes and quantities to be accounted for.

What’s Important for Residents

  • Less time on inventory management, more time for resident care
  • Link residents to usage
  • Real-time consumption tracking
  • Reduce supply costs by creating customized purchase plans per resident with RASP (Resident Adaptive Specific Purchasing)

Central Supply

Reduce Inventory Management Times Up to 60%

Automatic Scheduling of Recurring Transactions

AdminiCare can reduce inventory management times by up to 60%. When using the handheld scanner when dispersing inventory, a real-time inventory count is constantly being updated–ending the manual counting of inventory. AdminiCare can also automatically schedule the entry of time-consuming recurring transactions, as well as optimize surplus inventory and stock outs.

What’s Important to Central Supply

  • Automate recurring transactions
  • Automatic reordering based on par level
  • Optimize inventory level
  • Integrate with existing wholesaler for automated order processing
  • Easily track expiration dates and lot numbers
  • Reduce surplus inventory stock outs
  • AdminiPortal compares frequently used items across multiple vendors for lowest cost

What Central Supply Is Saying About AdminiCare

  • “I love the scanner.”
  • “It’s a lot quicker to scan and send orders now.”
  • “Now I do inventory once every four months and it is very accurate.”
  • “Adminicare is easy to place an order and easy to add different vendors to purchase from”

Care Givers

Hand-held Scanners Increase Staff Efficiency & Improve Accuracy

No more manual counting

AdminiCare increases staff efficiency by replacing manual counting with a proprietary scanning software that can be installed on an easy to use scanner. As healthcare consumables are utilized and scanned by the caregiver, they are automatically tracked to real-time residents to usage and adjusting inventory levels.

What’s Important to Caregivers

  • Clinicians spend less time on inventory management
  • Scanner ends manual counting
  • Automate ordering with Par Levels

What Caregivers Are Saying About AdminiCare

  • “It’s easier than the other software we used to use, and it’s all on a website.”
  • “I really like the scanner.”


Cut Billing Time by Half

Automate Recurring Transactions

Cut billing time in half and improve charge capture with AdminiCare’s built-in billing capabilities. AdminiCare also allows you utomate recurring transactions, provide corporate billing for multiple facilities, generate on-demand billing reports and export data to your financial software.

What’s Important to Billing

  • Export billing data to financial software
  • Corporate billing for multiple facilities
  • On-demand billing reports

What Billing Departments Are Saying About AdminiCare

  • “Now I do billing only twice a month, not every week like I used to.”
  • “I do monthly billing much quicker.”
  • “I can scan multiple charges and then process them once—instead of typing charges manually like I used to.”
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