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AdminiCare is a unique, web-based inventory management system for long-term care facilities that provides a real-time interface with medical supply and service providers. With only an iPod-based barcode scanner and online access to the AdminiCare website, your long-term care facility has a turn-key system for ordering, tracking, shipping, billing, and payment of medical supplies for your residents and facility.

AdminiCare is adaptable for a small or large long-term care facility. With AdminiCare, your facility can access:

  • Vendor inventories to enable you to plan your care operations more effectively
  • Contracts that provide real-time information
  • Purchasing features to streamline your ordering process
  • Order history to give your facility up-to-date information on order status
  • Accounting and financial reporting to enable your facility to accurately analyze key data

With AdminiCare, supply vendors benefit with services that include:

  • Easy pricing upload on products offered to each client
  • Purchase orders received via fax or email
  • E-commerce that allows for real time purchases and order placement
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