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Release on 11/29/2019 – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.20 -New Login Security Feature

Release on 11/29/2019 – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.20 -New Login as Email Security Feature AdminiCare has New Login as Email Security Feature Your user ID format will be replaced with the email to log into your online account. A stronger, more convenient login process
in addition to greater standardized account security, the one-time passcode feature makes it easier to reset your password or verify your identity when we don’t recognize the device you’re using to access your account. We’ll help you get started
to establish this new security feature, we’ll ask you to provide an email when you log in to your account. [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter March 2019

Subscribe to Newsletter March 2019 Newsletter Vendor Management with AdminiCare Columbus Ohio. March 18, 2019   Part of the continuing series of updates to the AdminiCare System is an enhanced level of Vendor Management.  This is critically important for organizations who need to check the status of any number of items.   Our goal is always to provide our customers with the easiest and most transparent system to keep track of all financial aspects of inventory.  This includes internal activities and important elements of vendor management.   We wanted to share some of the key [...]

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Tips on Better Inventory Management

The Issues Managing supplies within any healthcare facility can be difficult. Residential facilities present an even greater challenge because of the nature of their operation. Many times the entire supply operation is can end disorganized and contribute to shortages of some supplies and more than enough of others. Disorganization not only causes problems for staff and residents, it can also wreak havoc with administrative control and cause serious escalation of costs. Some organizations don’t realize that these problems can create a cascading effect on their overall operation. Even morale can be affected. Consider what can happen when there are shortage [...]

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Cost Control – A Never-ending Task

It’s important to remember that there is no “easy” button for managing costs. Even thought you have an amazing amount of due diligence to find vendors who provide good=quality supplies at reasonable prices, that’s not the end of the effort. Yesterday’s “great deal” vendor can morph into a high-cost problem. Vendor Prices Can Change – OFTEN For many years, vendors would negotiate prices and hold them for a considerable period of time. Those days are over. Vendors can – and will change prices often, without advance sometimes without warning. BUT - AdminiCare has a solution. Before placing any significant order, [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter February 2019

Subscribe to Newsletter Less Is MORE – AdminiCare Merges 4 Separate Apps into One InBeam Technologies AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System     Columbus Ohio. February 24, 2019   All InBeam Technologies customer will have the option to instantly add modules for apps that include managing fixed assets, tracking orders in P21DC through Epicor, managing maintenance supplies all with ONE log-in.   The merging of these apps into one eliminates the need for separate log-ins into each and is designed to make the AdminiCare System even easier to use.     All customers will have [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter January 2019

Subscribe to Newsletter Better Ways to Use AdminiCare The newest changes to the AdminiCare System give you an enhanced ability to take back control of your bottom line! With the AdminiCare System you have greater abilities to control costs because: - It allows you to immediately record all charges to residents because the System integrates with virtually all other systems which includes connectivity between all residential facilities and all vendors. - You order only what you needed from the vendors you want to use – because you can shop all vendors for the best price. [...]

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Make Family and Caregivers Happier

Help to Eliminate Worries and Stress   Helping to Avoid Caretaker Syndrome There is no doubt that families and caregivers share in the anxieties of patients and residents.  Some of the stresses come from the uncertainty of how well a loved one or friend is being treated.  There are always concerns about safety, quality of treatment and whether or not the patient in a residential care facility is getting the proper amount of attention.   Professional and volunteer/family caregivers do their level best to give nursing home or long-term residents the best possible care, but there are stressors that occur. [...]

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AdminiCare Newsletter December 2018

Subscribe to Newsletter   Seamless Interactions with Vendors and Tracking of Charges   One of the most important improvements to the AdminiCare System is the ability of clients to use the AdminiCare System for more complete integration with vendors.  This includes checking inventory and prices and even being able to handle orders and invoices with any contracted vendor seamlessly.   This capability extends to vendors like McKesson and Medline as well as many others.   Why Is This Important? Instead of having to use multiple databases or systems, the exchanges for virtually all activities can [...]

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The Most Common Issues with Medical Supply Inventories

Information, Time, and Money   1. Accuracy of information Inventory management is complex process.    If some or all of the important issues – what’s in stock, which vendors have the most competitive prices and others are entered manually into a spreadsheet or are kept track in handwritten files, there is a great deal of potential for human error.    Any business that uses these less-than-desirable methods is prone to bad information and mistakes.  In the area of long-term care or other residential healthcare facilities, bad information is crucial.   Without correct numbers, the inaccuracies can cost a lot of [...]

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