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Release on 11/29/2019 – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.20 -New Login Security Feature

Release on 11/29/2019 – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.20 -New Login as Email Security Feature AdminiCare has New Login as Email Security Feature Your user ID format will be replaced with the email to log into your online account. A stronger, more convenient login process
in addition to greater standardized account security, the one-time passcode feature makes it easier to reset your password or verify your identity when we don’t recognize the device you’re using to access your account. We’ll help you get started
to establish this new security feature, we’ll ask you to provide an email when you log in to your account. [...]

2019-11-26T21:13:23-05:00November 26th, 2019|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.13

Multiple new features and fixes for both web server and scanner app included in this release. Note: Due to Apple security requirements old scanner app must be deleted from iPod scanner.  Webserver app changes: New feature: Purchasing -Auto Submit Added new feature to auto-submit orders at scheduled time for each vendor. All open orders will be send to corresponding vendors automatically. Orders from scanners will be submitted after scanner synchronization. Scanner App changes: 1. Cosmetic changes: on ipod5 or ipod6, 7, 8 screen is showing with more padding now. 2. Residents screen. Added ability to take picture and sync [...]

2018-08-18T23:45:56-04:00August 7th, 2018|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – Adminicare App ver. 1.1.9 – General update

Adminicare app version 1.1.9 installation instructions: TABLE OF CONTENTS What's new in adminicare app 1.1.9 Step 1 - Remove old Adminicare app Step 2 - Install new app Step 3 - Register in adminiportal Note: Due to new Apple security requirements previous adminicare app must be deleted from iPod scanner. What's new New functionality: adminicare version supports latest apple iOS. - New feature - Take a resident picture and inventory item pictures and sync them with adminiportal. - New feature - use favorite list of item for quick recording a single charge. - New feature - add swipe a card option for [...]

2018-08-18T23:44:33-04:00June 21st, 2018|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.0 – Complete redesign

Squashed some bugs. New purchasing notifications. Complete redesign of the app. Go / NoGo on 04/06/2018 361 Resident import - force session to be closed - Fixed. Session is closing normally now. 349 New module: Staff Schedule 266 Purchasing - Open Orders - Incomplete Purchase Order - Enable editing of non-received item lines 365 Purchasing - Notification changes - Users and vendors will be notified after all order modifications 343 Complete redesign of the app. Preview at: Adminicare Play Server (user name: testco_admin, password: admin)

2018-08-18T23:43:11-04:00March 19th, 2018|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.0.2

357 Purchasing - Purchase Orders from device - Merge with unsent orders only - completed 355 Reports - report 12 - Resident List Report - PDF is cut off - fixed 352 Purchasing Menu - Move and combine Reorders and Returns into Purchasing menu - completed 354 Report 21 Calendar - Showing wrong days of weeks - fixed

2018-08-18T23:41:17-04:00February 11th, 2018|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.0.13

Scheduled Outage on 01/07/2018 - CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre -  Read more Go / NoGo on 01/07/2018 346 Purchase order attachments were not attaching - Fixed 268 Purchase Order - New Order - Added option Combine identical items 269 Purchasing - Sticker quantity - wrong number was populating - Fixed

2018-08-18T23:39:59-04:00December 27th, 2017|Changelog - AdminiCare|

Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.0.11

Released - WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.0.11. All reports were re-written with updates to stability and several bug fixes. Fix 318 - Report 243 Inventory Valuation Report - Barcodes were not showing up on screen first page of report. Report 81 - Label Creator report - fixed margins in Word document export Feature 336 - Report Tree - changed sorting Feature 335 - QR Barcodes on reports - Made barcodes 30% smaller Feature 332 - Report 21 - Calendar report is showing correct number of days for each month Feature 337 - Report 44 - Switched columns First name and [...]

2018-08-18T23:37:56-04:00December 2nd, 2017|Changelog - AdminiCare|