Adminicare app version 1.1.9 installation instructions:


What’s new in adminicare app 1.1.9

Step 1 – Remove old Adminicare app

Step 2 – Install new app

Step 3 – Register in adminiportal

Note: Due to new Apple security requirements previous adminicare app must be deleted from iPod scanner.

What’s new

New functionality:

adminicare version supports latest apple iOS.

– New feature – Take a resident picture and inventory item pictures and sync them with adminiportal.

– New feature – use favorite list of item for quick recording a single charge.

– New feature – add swipe a card option for login option.

– Cosmetic changes.

Adminicare app will support future product updates such as auto-submit ordering, save pharmacy medication charges, services and other non-inventory related item.

Step 1 – Remove old Adminicare app

Remove old Adminicare app:

Press and hold the adminicare icon on iPod until it starts shacking. Click on Red X and confirm deletion of the app.

Step2 – Install new app

On iPod click on icon App Store

Search for adminicare and click on install

If prompted for user credentials please contact as at 614-467-0709 or

Step 3 – Register in adminiportal

3.1 – Log into with your user name and password

Go to:

 – Scanner – Manager – 
Delete any existing scanners from the list.

3.2 – Open adminicare app on your scanner
Click on ( i ) symbol on the top right corner of the app Click on ok to close the “Device not registered” prompt.

3.3 – Log into with your user name and password

Go to:

 – Scanner Manager. 
You will see new “unregistered” scanner on the list. Click on Edit, place a check mark and click on Save.

Go back to the scanner app and run initial sync again.

At this point sync will complete successfully and new app may be used.

Should you experience any issues at any point or you need help with registration please contact us at your convenience.

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