Release on 11/29/2019 – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.20 -New Login as Email Security Feature

AdminiCare has New Login as Email Security Feature

Your user ID format will be replaced with the email to log into your online account.

A stronger, more convenient login process
in addition to greater standardized account security, the one-time passcode feature makes it easier to reset your password or verify your identity when we don’t recognize the device you’re using to access your account.

We’ll help you get started
to establish this new security feature, we’ll ask you to provide an email when you log in to your account.

A Change to the Homepage
Along with the new login as email, you’ll also notice a link to reset password via email.

Note: new login with email will not affect your scanner login.

– If you run into any issues please send ticket with your email address on

If issue is urgent please contact us directly at 614-467-0709.