March 2019 Newsletter
Vendor Management with AdminiCare
Columbus Ohio. March 18, 2019
Part of the continuing series of updates to the AdminiCare System is an enhanced level of Vendor Management.  This is critically important for organizations who need to check the status of any number of items.
Our goal is always to provide our customers with the easiest and most transparent system to keep track of all financial aspects of inventory.  This includes internal activities and important elements of vendor management.
We wanted to share some of the key benefits of the AdminiCare system when it is fully integrated with other systems:
• Automatic reorder per preset par-level End user can use scanner to place orders, receive items, schedule a return or simply view item quantity – all on the fly 
• Inventory and price updates with connection to eCommerce systems or manual Excel file update
• On-demand Sales reports and contract management
Q&A on flexibility
During a recent series of meetings with both customers and prospective users who utilize other systems for vendors, we were asked some tough questions.  Their concerns focused on the flexibility and inclusivity of the AdminiCare System particularly if the System can handle various software platforms.  
The answer was a definite “YES!”
Q: Does the AdminiCare System handle cXML?
A: We have full cXML integration in AdminiCare that allows us to receive orders based on the cXML Standard      
    (See as well as sending cXML invoices and other documents.  Mappings for cXML documents are also 
    integrated (the ability to auto-attach documents or custom fields with additional data).
Q: We have a vendor who has asked us to send POs in a CSV file.  Is that possible?
A: We support any data format to send or receive documents.  We also integrate with remote APIs to submit or pull data as required.
Q: Can we get automated updates on order status, invoice status and general transactions?
A: All transactions in AdminiCare are logged to ensure that any report requested can be generated.  a
    Reports can show things such as all purchase orders which have not been acknowledged or confirmed yet, when 
    ASNs or Invoices came in and even whether they were processed correctly.

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