Multiple new features and fixes for both web server and scanner app included in this release.

Note: Due to Apple security requirements old scanner app must be deleted from iPod scanner. 

Webserver app changes:

New feature: Purchasing -Auto Submit

Added new feature to auto-submit orders at scheduled time for each vendor.

All open orders will be send to corresponding vendors automatically.

Orders from scanners will be submitted after scanner synchronization.

Scanner App changes:

1. Cosmetic changes: on ipod5 or ipod6, 7, 8 screen is showing with more padding now.

2. Residents screen. Added ability to take picture and sync with server.

3. New feature: Add swipe a card to login.

User is able to setup and use their card with magnetic strip to log into a scanner.

4. New Feature: User can select items directly from “Favorites” for a quick select and save. No scanning is needed.

To use Favorites – User can select a resident and use “Favorites” button to click and record transaction in one step.

5. Fixed: Login screen, – Unable to minimize keyboard.

6. New Feature: Inventory screen. Added ability to take a picture of the item.

7. Used latest scanner SDK in app.