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inStock – How to add/edit/remove individual items

Steps to add/edit/remove individual items in inStock app. - Log into inBeam Instock app with your user credentials. If you have admin permissions please click on: Administration - Settings - Edit Inventory Settings - Add Master Inventory items ( Click on New button ) Fill out item's information and click on Save. - Then in the same Edit Inventory Settings click on Edit Local Inventory Item - Add Master Inventory items ( Click on New button ) Fill out required data and click on Save. - Use similar steps to edit or remove item from inventory. Note: If item was [...]

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General Release of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System

InBeam Technologies Announces the General Release of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System Columbus Ohio. September 10, 2018 InBeam Technology, a privately-owned leader in sophisticated Inventory Systems is proud to announce the general availability of AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System.   The AdminiCare System is the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities, because it can easily be integrated with billing, ordering, central supply and other platforms as part synchronizing with EHR systems. Based on a lightweight scanner, the AdminiCare System tracks dispensed items back to each individual resident’s I.D. a barcode. [...]

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Why Most Long-Term Care Facilities Can’t Use Analytics

Analytics is a term that has become popular because of its use in sports. The book and movie “Moneyball” helped to popularize the term – but not necessarily the actual practice.   Analytics as a practice requires “studying past historical data to research potential trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario.”   In the medical world the term has become extremely popular as a way to maximize cost efficiency, particularly in the area of medical supplies which are a very large part of overall expense.   [...]

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Adminicare app – version 1.1.9 installation

TABLE OF CONTENTS: What's new in adminicare app 1.1.9 Step 1 - Remove old Adminicare app Step 2 - Install new app Step 3 - Register in Adminiportal What's new: New functionality: adminicare version supports latest apple iOS. 1. New feature - Take a resident picture and inventory item pictures and sync them with adminiportal. 2. New feature - use favorite list of item for quick recording a single charge. 3. New feature - add swipe a card option for login option. 4. Cosmetic changes. Adminicare app will support future product updates such as auto-submit ordering, save pharmacy medication charges, [...]

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Adminicare. Effective Stock Control in Central Supply

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 05/21/2018 inBeam Technologies LLC 614-467-0709 Adminicare. Effective Stock Control in Central Supply New release - Synchronization with EHR/EMR Dublin, OH: Today, inBeam technologies., a company specializing in web-based inventory management solutions, announced that they released newest version of Adminicare – their Long-term health care industry inventory management system. Now Nursing Homes are able to connect to any vendor for price updates as well as integrate with EHR systems such as pointclickcare to synchronize resident’s census data. Adminicare combines the efficiencies of a handheld scanner with the benefits of a cloud-based software system, including automatic updates and backups, 24/7 access, [...]

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Skore Systems – Manage internal cloud

It’s a safe bet that more keyboards and monitors have been smashed over a lost Microsoft Word document than for any other reason. Sure, a lot of video gamers get caught up in the excitement of a game, but in the end, it’s just a game and not worth breaking your controller over. But losing a Word document can be life-changing. It could be a doctoral thesis that disappears without backup. It could be a sales proposal due in 30 minutes. You could be vacationing in Paris or living under the freeway based on the loss of a Word document. Before [...]

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Released – WebServer Adminicare ver. 3.1.13

Multiple new features and fixes for both web server and scanner app included in this release. Note: Due to Apple security requirements old scanner app must be deleted from iPod scanner.  Webserver app changes: New feature: Purchasing -Auto Submit Added new feature to auto-submit orders at scheduled time for each vendor. All open orders will be send to corresponding vendors automatically. Orders from scanners will be submitted after scanner synchronization. Scanner App changes: 1. Cosmetic changes: on ipod5 or ipod6, 7, 8 screen is showing with more padding now. 2. Residents screen. Added ability to take picture and sync [...]

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AdminiCare – Manage Central Supply Inventories

AdminiPortal  is a part of AdminiCare. It provides access to all inventory management workflow  there users are able to compare and purchase their supplies, all from the same screen. Adminicare utilizes an Apple based scanner with a secure user-friendy app available at Apple store. Step 1 – Determine frequently used items for vendor cost comparison. Step 2 – Open AdminiPortal. Step 3 – Select items to compare across multiple vendors. Step 4 – Compare prices. Step 5 – Place order. Manage Inventory, Purchasing and Billing Across Multiple Facilities Track purchases against budget. Manage multiple inventories and price updates Increase staff efficiency Reduce administrative [...]

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CateringUP – Must Have for Next-Gen Catering

It used to be that when clients called prospective caterers, they didn’t know anything about the offerings and it was the first contact with the company. With the ever-increasing accessibility of the Internet through both desktop and mobile devices, however, a majority of customers have already researched menus, viewed photos of the venue and even have an estimated cost for the event. “Because customers research online, it is crucial to have an online presence and message that is informational and easily accessible through mobile devices,” says Cary Bradley, CMP, CMM, senior director events-Americas, Hilton Worldwide ( “Gone are the days [...]

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