Despite our best efforts, drugs, medical supplies and equipment have a significant impact on the quality of resident’s care and account for a high proportion of health care costs. Residential care facilities have made great strides in the areas of equipment and medications through a concerted and dedicated effort.

However, there is still a strong need to make informed choices about what, when and how to buy the more mundane but still critical medical supplies needed to meet priority health needs – and avoid wasting limited resources.

Many organizations have worked hard to develop rigorous protocols for the purchase and dispensing of essential drugs. They have also made a great effort about the procurement of major equipment purchases and making sure that those pieces of technology are appropriate for their needs.

A strong focus on technical suitability, compatibility with existing equipment, availability and costs of spare parts has provided a practical platform for cost control as well.

BUT, there has been much less of an effort on developing and implementing strong controls on the procurement and costs of medical
supplies. Despite the fact that these items add up to a hefty sum for residential care organizations, the issue of having a tight control of medical supplies has not gotten the same attention.

Whether this is because on a per item basis they seem insignificant in term of cost, or because there seems to be no way to implement a workable inventory control system that is compatible with other systems – ordering, billing, et cetera, supplies have been a stepchild for many organizations.

There is no doubt that having control of supplies is critical if health services are to get the most out of what they buy. However, there has been limited availability of systems, except for mega-organizations who are willing to let their supply “resource” also control what they buy and from whom.

That’s why InBeam has spent the time to develop the AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System. It has been tested and reviewed and works well not only for inventory but also as a program that will integrate with virtually any other key residential care facility software – from procurement/purchasing all the way to billing.

We urge readers of this newsletter to take a tour of the AdminiCare System to see how it can benefit them. AdminiCare Product Tour

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