A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) for Billing ? Close!

One System That “Talks” to All the Others
The AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System isn’t “true AI, but it does offer complete compatibility and integration with all your other systems – from procurement to billing. Each improvement to AdminiCare makes it easier for residential care organizations to manage the total “throughput” for residents, insurance companies, suppliers and others.
Because everything is tied back to the individual resident, there is an “automatic” control in place to ensure accuracy as each item is dispensed.  What used to be a complicated and time-consuming transfer of information from one database to another is eliminated.
As each supply is dispensed to the patient, it is scanned.  Since installation of the AdminiCare system includes integrating all the other software, that scan updates inventory and all other appropriate databases, including ERH/Patient Records.
It also is added to procurement, assuring that a correct replacement will be added to any re-order.  Because of the min/max feature that is part of the system, the right products will be ordered.
If there is an issue with item or price, AdminiCare allows automatic searching of any authorized vendors for a list of alternative resources.  This makes it easy for managers to control budget and delivery.  No more “wrong sizes” or “cost creep” because complete information is available.  Prompt delivery and best price can be assured.
Timely Invoicing
Billing is also updated (again, by resident) to allow precise control and timing for insurance or other payments.  This means that there are no lags between expenditure and sending out a statement.   Accelerating cash flow makes it easier for any residential facility to get paid quicker.
Supporting Nursing Staff and Caregivers
Those directly involved directly with residents can have more confidence in the effectiveness of the organization to deliver the very best care.  This makes everyone in the loop of regular care for the residents feel less stressed.  It also has the intangible but important effect of making everyone feel good about the organization.
The AdminiCare system can handle multiple facilities with the same assured results as for a standalone location.  AdminiCare makes it easier to have control, even if there are different types of databases from one facility to another.  If any facility databases change or are updated, our system can handle those changes.
Keeping Up-to-date
The AdminiCare system is regularly updated and approved with a minimum of issues.  As other programs are improved, our system is ready to continue provide integration. It isn’t AI (yet) but it is ready to work well with all the staff and databases of any residential facility.

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