Less Is MORE – AdminiCare Merges 4 Separate Apps into One
InBeam Technologies AdminiCare Medical Supplies Inventory System  
Columbus Ohio. February 24, 2019
All InBeam Technologies customer will have the option to instantly add modules for apps that include managing fixed assets, tracking orders in P21DC through Epicor, managing maintenance supplies all with ONE log-in.
The merging of these apps into one eliminates the need for separate log-ins into each and is designed to make the AdminiCare System even easier to use.  
All customers will have an option to instantly add these modules:
1. Managing Fixed Assets
Customers can manage fixed assets that are tax depreciates – such as computers, beds, chairs etc. – and assign those items to a location manage movement, run a quick inventory, schedule maintenance and more  (See at https://inbeamtech.com/fixedassethub/)
2. Real-time Logistical Monitoring for Vendors connected to Epicor Solutions 
This real-time plugin allows customers and vendors to view and track their delivery real-time with proof of delivery and includes a mobile warehouse scanning solution.
3. Manage IN-stock Supplies for Maintenance of Facilities 
Customers will know how many items are in stock and compare to par levels ( min/max ) for each one for better inventory and finance control.  
Users will be able to see items in-stock such as how many door locks they have in stock. Vendors can view their customers’ inventory levels on the go with an Apple app. 
The real-time savings is based on the fact that ALL users will enjoy ONE single sign-on for all these modules through the integrated app.
The AdminiCare System will continue to add additional features and more selectivity to what is already the most flexible and surprisingly affordable inventory management software available to medium to large residential care facilities 
For more information or a demo check the website –www.inbeamtech.com/AdminiCare or contact the company by phone or email.

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