Help to Eliminate Worries and Stress
Helping to Avoid Caretaker Syndrome
There is no doubt that families and caregivers share in the anxieties of patients and residents.  Some of the stresses come from the uncertainty of how well a loved one or friend is being treated.  There are always concerns about safety, quality of treatment and whether or not the patient in a residential care facility is getting the proper amount of attention.
Professional and volunteer/family caregivers do their level best to give nursing home or long-term residents the best possible care, but there are stressors that occur.  Sometimes patients or residents feel that they are not being treated properly, even if the quality of care is excellent.
When there are issues as serious as dementia and Alzheimer’s or as simple as confusion and inaccurate memory, persons under care may claim that they are being maltreated or not getting the type of support they should receive.  This can cause family members to be upset and caregivers to feel they are under fire.
Having an AdminiCare System in place provides the opportunity to show exactly what has been done to provide the highest level of care.  Because AdminiCare can be integrated with virtually every other database, a simple search can provide details of all the types and quality of items/services provided to each patient or resident 
Searchability – Proof Positive
No matter how hazy the memory of a patient/resident may be, a facility can demonstrate – in detail – all the care items and supplies that were issued to each person, for example, even the size of incontinency goods can be within the records.  Medical supplies are entered a barcode scan at the time of issuance – including all details. 
That means that family members can be comfortable that their loved one has been getting the best treatment and that everything has been done to provide care and comfort.  Caregivers do not have to worry about questions or comments that call into question the level of services and treatment.  
They quickly deal with a complaint like “my loved one says that you aren’t doing the right thing,” because there is proof positive to show any concerned person exactly what happened and when.   There is no need for digging through paper files or multiple databases, because an integrated system will show everything, based on the ID number of the person to whom care was delivered.
Solving Billing Questions
Because all charges are seamlessly available from an integrated facility system, by resident, questions and concerns about what is being charged makes it easy to show exactly what was charged, when and why.  From an organizational standpoint, this helps to avoid issues which can occur when a lengthy search has to be made through non-integrated data bases.
This eliminates more personnel stresses over questions about invoices, even from insurer or insurers/Medicare/Medicaid because any needed information is immediately available with all needed details.  Even if an AdminiCare client had multiple facilities, an integrated system can deliver complete data with the same assured results as for a standalone location.

Keep Track!
Inventory and Control systems that save you time, money, and peace of mind