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Adminicare. Effective Stock Control in Central Supply

New release – Synchronization with EHR/EMR

Dublin, OH: Today, inBeam technologies., a company specializing in web-based inventory management solutions, announced that they released newest version of Adminicare – their Long-term health care industry inventory management system. Now Nursing Homes are able to connect to any vendor for price updates as well as integrate with EHR systems such as pointclickcare to synchronize resident’s census data.

Adminicare combines the efficiencies of a handheld scanner with the benefits of a cloud-based software system, including automatic updates and backups, 24/7 access, and financial grade encryption & security. With Adminicare, you can purchase and track supplies, automate recurring transactions, optimize par levels, identify and reduce inventory costs through bulk purchases and supplier cost comparison, and generate real-time reports that track the entire process of adding a new resident to the billing of supplies and services. Adminicare is a complete solution that creates efficiencies and benefits a full range of stakeholders, including the caregiver, resident, central supply, suppliers, billing and administration.

To achieve this functionality, inBeam Tech implemented automatic secure synchronization plug-in to connect with most EHR solutions such as pointclickcare, Matrix and many others.

  • Web-based access with use of friendly Apple-based scanner app
  • Automatic data synchronization with EHR/EMR systems
  • Complete purchasing solution with par-level ordering and comparative shopping
  • Billing and Charge reports – always available

About inBeam technologiesinBeam Technologies is inventory systems company based in Dublin, OH. Founded in 2016 , inBeam Tech develops and supports all its products, building custom industry-specific solutions, and expanding the industries presence. All of these initiatives translate into added value and measurable ROI for company’s customers.