Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), maintain the highest acuity levels in the healthcare industry.

The acuity of resident conditions continues to increase as nursing homes accept and care for older and sicker patients. As conditions such as diabetes and obesity become more prevalent and prominent in this setting, and the need for infection control remains critical, how can manufacturers of medical products, supplies, and equipment leverage this important channel? Outdated and manual healthcare supply chain management processes detract from care delivery. Frontline clinicians stated they spend an average of 17 percent of their workweek managing inventory issues, accounting for about 2 hours a shift. Providers expressed concerns that healthcare supply chain management processes subtracted from their care delivery. Approximately 65 percent of frontline clinicians said they wish they could trade supply chain management time  for more patient care time. Adminicare is the answer. Our technology will help close the loop between what you spend and bill on supplies and services that you provide in your facility. Contact us to find out how can we help.