When most people think about the catering industry they think about food, buffets, event planning, corporate luncheons, and not necessarily all the hard work involved behind the scenes to run a catering business – unless of course you’re in the catering business. With so many different processes to keep track of – from assigning drivers for delivery, to designing menus, and choosing product for each order – it can be an organizational nightmare for companies trying to do this without the help of catering ERP software.

Even though ERP software and automation may not be terms usually associated with a catering business, as technology continues to evolve, more and more businesses are able to benefit from automation software systems such as CateringUP to help streamline all their business processes.

Not many caterers think that they can benefit from a fully integrated ERP (inventory, accounting, contact management) system, but the reality is that running a catering business is similar to running any other business – even though there is specific functionality that will be unique to each catering company they will still need to manage their accounting processes, inventory and customers.

Automate your catering business with CateringUP.