Too much time is spent each month on the ordering and receiving 
in Nursing Homes?

Nursing Homes: Inventory Stock Control Inventory management demands a huge deal of time from caregivers working in health care environments. Caregivers often have to stop what they are doing to manually count what’s in stock, quantities to be ordered and then count item in upon receiving them at the Nursing home. Each time this happens, the caregiver has less time to spend with their residents on the delivery of quality, personalized care. Complying with Regulation Managing the Nursing Home’s medicine inventory is a crucial aspect of maintaining safety and quality. ‘Medication error rate. Nursing facilities must ensure that the medication [...]

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AdminiCare – Effective Inventory Control for Long-Term Healthcare Organizations

The impact of inventory on Nursing Home’ budgets makes efficient inventory management vital A precise, easy-to-use inventory management system is a critical aspect of any nursing home, assisted living or other medical facility, as tracking the supply levels and use of even small items like masks, gloves, gauze and syringes is extremely important.  Whether it's due to hoarding, theft, or simple inaccuracy, a faulty inventory tracking system can quickly derail a smooth operation and generate large waste, in both time and money. Only recently has the industry begun grappling with the amount of waste it generates. Today, nursing home inventory [...]

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AdminiCare – Keep precise records of all ancillary charges

There are over 15,000 skilled nursing facilities in the United States, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. There are over 175 Federal Regulations that each of the United States’ skilled nursing facilities must comply with on an on-going basis in order to maintain compliance with The Center for Medicare and Medicaid. As with other medical records, the nursing home record should be well organized and complete. This is whether it is paper based or electronic record. If the record is not well maintained, then it will cause concerns when State inspectors’ survey the nursing homes on behalf of [...]

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Scheduled Outage – CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre

Researchers disclosed a security vulnerability affecting side-channel analysis of speculative execution on modern computer processors (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, and CVE-2017-5754). This issue affects home computers, phones, tablets and servers. As such, nearly everyone who uses such a device is affected. Our team is working on mitigating this, but we expect to have to reboot every machine this weekend in order to protect your data. We are looking to update every machine during non-business hours over the next few days. References: We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Should you have any questions about this maintenance, feel free to open a [...]

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InStock – Inventory going mobile

Many small and mid-sized retailers rely on count sheets to create inventory reports. Physically counting and recording inventory levels is both tedious and introduces large opportunities for human error. All of the analog steps involved — printing out the sheets, marking them up with inventory numbers, transcoding those values into a spreadsheet — are time consuming. The human toll should also not be underestimated: It’s boring, and nobody wants to do it…the dreaded inventory duty. Paper count sheets are also impractical for retailers that split the inventory task among multiple people. The completed sheets must be aggregated to calculate a [...]

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78% of Nursing Homes Staff Still Face Manual Supply Chain Management

Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), maintain the highest acuity levels in the healthcare industry. The acuity of resident conditions continues to increase as nursing homes accept and care for older and sicker patients. As conditions such as diabetes and obesity become more prevalent and prominent in this setting, and the need for infection control remains critical, how can manufacturers of medical products, supplies, and equipment leverage this important channel? Outdated and manual healthcare supply chain management processes detract from care delivery. Frontline clinicians stated they spend an average of 17 percent of their workweek managing inventory issues, accounting [...]

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CateringUP – Automate Your Catering Business

When most people think about the catering industry they think about food, buffets, event planning, corporate luncheons, and not necessarily all the hard work involved behind the scenes to run a catering business – unless of course you’re in the catering business. With so many different processes to keep track of - from assigning drivers for delivery, to designing menus, and choosing product for each order – it can be an organizational nightmare for companies trying to do this without the help of catering ERP software. Even though ERP software and automation may not be terms usually associated with a [...]

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AdminiCare – Integration with EHR

inBeam technologies successfully completed developing a standardized bridge connection to automate long-term care residents data synchronization and connect directly to EHR systems such as PointClickCare , Matrix and many others. By eliminating manual entry of resident and patient information, providers can save time documenting the activities, charges and performance of their clients, improve accuracy, and expedite the flow of critical clinical information while allowing for better life enrichment.   Through this standard integration, long-term providers now have a complete platform that provides both efficient management across the entire resident care lifecycle and the tools and data necessary to manage the growth and [...]

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P21DC – Mobile warehouse system for Prophet21

inBeam Technologies released a P21DC application as an add-on to Epicore's Prophet21 Distribution software system. Available 24-hours a day, P21DC is a robust scanning system with an extensive range of tools focused on refining efficiency, improving accuracy, and growing profitability for your organization. Our system is fully customizable to meet individual business needs. Easy-to-use web technology makes the system easy to learn and navigate. Strategic business resources include improving delivery accuracy, providing reali-time delivery status data,improving efficiency, and managing venue streams. P21DC management modules are easy to use. Our software system is conveniently compatible with most Apple devices. Our management [...]

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Fixed Asset Hub – 4 key issues of tracking assets manually

The key issues of tracking assets manually – which schools, districts, and small to mid-sized businesses face – are not uncommon.  Excel simply isn’t designed for effective asset tracking. However, many small business leaders are no longer willing to deal with the annual audit anxiety caused by the following: 1 Slowness.  Entering asset data can take employees hours; especially if extensive detail is required and if the same item’s record must be updated multiple times over the course of the asset’s lifespan. 2 Confusion.  Excel-based systems (or similar spreadsheet programs) involve clunky spreadsheets with many columns that can be hard [...]

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